Because the Earth Can't Digest Plastic

Plastic pollution is a critical problem, and your business can be part of the solution. offers a straightforward certification process, ensuring your product lifecycle is microplastic free. Obtaining our Microplastic Free Certification means your products actively support a healthier ecosystem and resonate with consumers who prioritize environmental stewardship.

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Environmental Protection

Certified Microplastic Free products do not contribute to plastic pollution, thereby promoting a healthier, cleaner, and more sustainable planet.

Consumer Health

Certified products are completely free from microplastics, safeguarding consumer health by preventing these harmful particles from entering the food chain and impacting human health.

Transparency and Trust

All testing results are conducted by an independent laboratory, ensuring objective and reliable data on product lifecycle analysis and material composition.

Assessing Complete Microbial Bioassimilation

Microplastic Free certified products undergo rigorous bioassimilation testing, ensuring they break down completely into basic elements through natural microbial action. This process guarantees that each product is environmentally neutral and leaves no harmful residues behind.

Certified Microplastic Free empowers consumers and businesses to make environmentally conscious decisions by certifying products as microplastic-free. Through our independent laboratory testing, we provide reliable information on product safety and environmental impact, helping consumers choose products that align with their values. Our certification assists businesses in demonstrating their commitment to sustainability, fostering a collaborative effort towards a cleaner, healthier planet.

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Three Steps to Certified

The Microplastic Free Certification is a seamless and straightforward process. Simply submit a sample of your product, and our team will take care of the detailed analysis and evaluation. This hassle-free approach is designed to make it easy for you to contribute to a more sustainable future without the complexities often associated with certifications.

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